My Rupaul’s Drag Race “Battle of the Seasons” Experience

Part I: Getting the ticket

It all started a few weeks ago, when the Facebook algorithms thought it would be of my interest to know that “Rupaul’s Drag Race Battle of The Seasons” was coming to Barcelona. It is my believe that personalized publicity doesn’t work as well as digital marketers with their bullet points presentations think they do (I’ve been offered one to many virginal Chinese brides), but this time they were correct. The Ru girls were coming to Barcelona. I couldn’t believe it. Sure, Adore had come in September, but never in my right mind I would’ve thought that THE Battle of the Seasons would come here.

There were three types of tickets, nosebleed section, pista (dance floor?) and then pista + Meet and Greet. As tempting as it was to buy the Meet and Greet ticket, it would’ve hurt my wallet. I meditated on it for a little bit and then, when I sadly decided to buy the “Regular” ticket (partly because of the money and partly because I didn’t want to be that fan) I noticed that the “Meet & Greet” entrances were sold out, so I was relieved (kind off).

The acquisition of my pista ticket was followed by a frantic call to the people I know who like the show and live in Barcelona (all two of them). Unfortunately, for different reasons, they couldn’t make it. I didn’t worry, I had time. I would find someone to go with.

Disclaimer: Whenever I quote someone (even myself) I’m paraphrasing. I was so excited during those two days that I was practically high and might have even imagined complete conversations in my head. 

Disclaimer 2: My pictures are shit :D 

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Dancing on my own

I’m aware I haven’t updated this blog in ages. Blame it on sickness, lack of time, laziness, exhaustion and / or all of the above – hopefully I’ll be able to get this into motion once again.

To start this blog year, I bring you an illustration. There are a few things as sad as seeing the person you’re in love with be with someone else… Any similarity with real life is pure coincidence.


Dancing on my own by Harald Meyer-Delius

Inspired, obviously, by Robyn’s song “Dancing on my own”


giphy (12)

Tolstoy is everywhere

The other day I had a weird dream.

I dreamt that someone was angry with me. She/He kept yelling because I had never read Anna Karenina and insisted that I had to start reading Russian literature because according to her/him it was the best literature in the world! Some Homer-VS-Bart kind of choking might have been involved while the statement was made.

Funny thing is, a couple of days after that, Google very kindly let me know that September 9th was Leo Tolstoy’s birthday (the writer of Anna Karenina, among others) and another couple of days later, I stumbled upon a reference to him in the book that I’m reading right now, Virginia Woolf’s Waves:

Once you were Tolstoy’s young man; now you are Byron’s young man; perhaps you will be Meredith’s young man…

And then I realised that in the novel I had read right beforeJonathan Franzen’s Freedom (awesome book by the way, well worth the read) he also makes an apparition. One of the main character’s reads War and Peace in order to impress the guy she’s in love with. So needless to say, I had a bit of a Droopy episode. Wherever I looked, he was there!


OK! I get it! I get it! I’ll read it, I promise! … Specially if it’s this edition:

Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina

But for now just let me be! I don’t have money to buy any books right now. *weeps*

PS: Adore Delano was probably part of that dream, as well.


Back to Neverland: My favourite Robin Williams moment

I wasn’t going to write a post about it, it felt unnecessary. I mean everything has been said, and I’m still not going to, I just wanted to share MY favourite moment because I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

While there are many movies like Hook, Patch Adams and even Jack that have entertained and inspired me (I haven’t seen Good Will Hunting or Dead Poets Society, sorry), certainly his work for Disney is what stands out the most for me. The Genie, of course, will always be one of my favourite Disney characters, but MY favourite Disney-Robin Williams collaboration was when he starred on the short film Back to Neverland, which was created for the tour/show The Magic of Disney Animation at the Disney Hollywood Studios (back then it was called the Disney MGM Studios – the name changed when the contract with MGM expired).

The short feature was about William’s becoming a cartoon and starring in his own adventure in Neverland. The movie served as a way to explain the animation process to the guests. I remember enjoying this tour solely for the Robin’s clip. Seeing him dressed as a typical tourist, his funny voices, and his child-like enthusiasm cracked me up. I was very disappointed, to say the least, when the clip was removed. Nowadays Mushu from Mulan gives the tour. Mushu is a cool character, but it’s not Robin in a lost boy costume.

It is weird when a celebrity dies, because even though we’re very well aware that we never met them in person, somehow they feel close to us. I felt pretty awful about Cory Monteith last year (it’s been a year already, wow), but this time it is a little different. Aside from him always being one of my favourites, thanks to roles like the Genie in Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire and Jumanji Robin Williams was ingrained into the collective pop conscience of an entire generation as a parental figure – a cool and very funny parental figure.

It’s all just made the more tragic because of the way he died. The BBC wrote an interesting article about how comedians often deal with depression. If you’re interested, you may read it here. It goes to show you that it doesn’t matter how brilliant someone may shine, there is darkness inside all of us.

And before I leave, I’ll leave you with my second favourite Robin Williams moment, the Inside the Actor’s Studio interview. It is one of the, if not the funniest thing I have ever seen.

R.I.P Robin Williams.

Super Gay and the Fashion Emergency


Super Gay & The Fashion Emergency Comic Strip

I always found interesting (curious) how gay men are considered the gurus of “fashion” or the always go-to person when it comes to style.

It is a cliché, but it is based on truth (almost all stereotypes are) I mean, when I studied fashion design most of the guys there were gay and then the ones who went on to make a career out of it. Also all of the professional male fashion designers I’ve met in person are, you guessed it, gay.

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A Dissertation on long lost friends and 20 euro blow jobs

One week ago, at 6 o’clock in the morning, my eyes were wide open. I hadn’t had a minute of sleep and didn’t seem to be getting it anytime soon. So I decided to write this in order to take it off my chest. It did help.

It is almost 6 in the morning, I haven’t slept anything (not even 20 minutes) I can hear my roommate fucking and I have been offered to rent a dick for 20 Euros a blow job, so excuse me if I’m a bit cynical.

I do realise that I haven’t updated my blog in a really long time and coming back with a post of this nature would be like Woody Allen coming back of a long hiatus with a pretty awful movie. Then again, I am not Woody Allen (thank God) and he does do shitty movies from time to time, so I feel justified.

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That one time I entered a Blogger competition


A few weeks ago I entered this blogger competition. The price was to become the official blogger of London Fashion Week or something and you would get to go to all of these amazing shows and shit… but I didn’t get it. At least I’m proud of what I wrote. So here it is…


London said she would by the flowers herself.

It was the last touch she needed for her favourite party of the season: Fashion week. As she walked to the flower shop, wrapped in her Burberry coat, London was beaming with excitement. She was trying to make up her mind about the centrepiece (the lilies are more exotic, but the ranunculus is just so cute!), when her iPhone rang. She almost dropped the £200 umbrella. Mulberry was cancelling! What was she going to do now?

Little did London know that the company had a trick up her sleeve. Or at least that’s what they want us to believe.

Mulberry had originally saved a date for a show, but had to cancel due to the fact that they still haven’t found a replacement for the label’s former creative director Emma Hill.

Instead of a fashion show, Mulberry will hold a photocall hosted by the latest face of the brand Cara Delevingne. An announcement is supposed to be made about a collaboration between the company and the heavy-eyebrowed model. Many people are already speculating about a “Cara” bag. This wouldn’t be the first time the company paired with a celebrity to design a product, Lana Del Rey had a bag named after her and it sold very well so it wouldn’t come as a surprise if they tried to reproduce the formula.

Until Sunday, London can only speculate, but she doesn’t need to worry. Her special guest isn’t going anywhere.


Come on, Season 6. Let’s get SICKENING!


If you know me then you’ll probably know how obsessed I’m with a little TV show called Gilligan’s Island. But I won’t be talking about that this time, this time I’m going to talk about my second favourite TV show: Rupaul’s Drag Race. If you’ve never seen Rupaul’s Drag Race then what are you doing with your life? Working and doing something worthwhile? Go watch the season 6 trailer now!

We may continue now. Ever since the announcement of the season 6 cast was made, I’ve been binging on every little piece of information I can get my hands on, and now I’m ready to let it all out. Join me while I tell the T on the queens and try to predict who will make it to the top 3.


Trinity K. Bonet

Oh Trinity… In case you were wondering the K stands for Kardashian. Yes, I know. I’m only hoping that it is ironic, because I will find it very hard to take seriously anyone who names themselves after the Kardashians as an homage. Trinity seems to still be looking for her identity as a drag queen, but at the same time, she reminds me of Tyra Sanchez and she ended up winning season 2 so I might be completely off the mark with this one.

Prediction: Top 14

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El príncipe, la tela y el cuervo / The Prince, the Fabric and the Crow


Una doncella con el cabello de hilos de oro y la piel de color de nube estaba entre la más brillantes de la corte. Se llamaba Ivanna. Junto a las demás mujeres le hacía compañía a la reina, pero gracias a sus exquisitos dones con el dibujo, que accidentalmente fueron descubiertos cuando le tocó hacer un retrato en un juego, el rey la asignó a copiar sus textos. Desde entonces pasaba incontables horas sentada, copiando información de un formato a otro.  Su frágil figura rodeada de extensos rollos de pergaminos recordaba a un pichón en un nido de serpientes.

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